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Buying an insurance policy in Indiana can provide protection against the threats that you may expect, but you should always evaluate your needs carefully before you buy a policy. Depending on the assets that you own or the concerns that you have identified, the coverage that you need may vary. An independent agency like Weathervane Insurance Solutions can provide the information that you need to protect your assets and your financial situation.

Classic Cars

A classic car is very different from a regular vehicle because it meets the standards of an insurance provider when it comes to vintage or antique vehicles. Since there are concerns that may exceed the concerns of a basic policy, you may want to purchase a specialized policy for classic cars.

The best policy for a classic vehicle will depend on how you intend to use the car; however, a basic plan will limit the number of miles that you can drive and may have clear storage standards to reduce the potential risks associated with the vehicle.


Boat insurance is not a requirement when you are registering a boat, but as your independent agent we recommend that you consider a basic policy. The insurance will help pay for any liability charges that may arise, particularly if you are new to boating and cause an accident.

Policies can offer more than just liability protection, so you should always consider the options before you purchase a plan. In some cases, protection against the costs of an oil spill or the risk of getting caught out in the water can be as important as the liability protection.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Although Medicare benefits may pay for a portion of your health care costs, you should be aware that there are certain problems that are not covered. Medicare supplement insurance, which is also called Medigap, is a type of policy that will help pay for the treatments that are not covered by Medicare.

You should always compare policies before you assume that a specific plan is appropriate for your needs. Since Medigap coverage will help with the gaps in your coverage, it is best to evaluate the options so that you can make sure the specific concerns are addressed.

Protecting your assets and your health is an important part of avoiding high-cost bills or concerns. To learn more about your policy options, contact us to speak to an agent today.

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