Commercial Insurance

The investment in commercial insurance in Indiana may help a business keep its doors open if a problem arises. Those who want affordable rates and quality coverage can consider the range of options available from our agents at Weathervane Insurance Solutions. As an independent agency, we work closely with our clients to help them find affordable plans that meet their coverage needs. We represent multiple carriers so we can help you to save money without minimizing your access to good coverage. Consider the various types of commercial insurance available to you.

Indiana Commercial Auto Insurance

Any business operating a vehicle needs commercial auto insurance. In most cases, liability insurance for vehicles is the least level of coverage possible. Additionally, companies can purchase policies that protect the car itself as well as any equipment, tools, or inventory within it. Options range from comprehensive plans that cover a single car to those that cover a fleet, and both for a single driver and for a group of employees.

Indiana Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)

Liability is a risk factor for every type of business. With the help of our independent agents, you'll find quality policies that can help you minimize your risks should someone pursue you for a claim. You may get coverage for losses such as slips and falls, product defects, or mistakes made by your employees that lead to customer injuries or illness.

Indiana Commercial Property Insurance

Businesses operating out of any type of property often need insurance protection for that property. Property insurance may help reduce the costs associated with fire, theft, or vandalism. This insurance can also provide protection from risks that affect inventory, equipment, or other assets on the property. A range of product options are available for consumers to select from, including plans right for those who own the property and those who lease it.

Indiana Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation helps minimize the out of pocket costs of the business in cases where an employee may be hurt on the job. It may provide protection from losses such as lost time at work and medical bills.

Indiana Business Owner Package (BOP)

Business Owner Package provides additional and more comprehensive liability insurance. It may provide individuals with lower rates by combining a variety of policy types. At Weathervane Insurance Solutions, we work closely with you to ensure you get the best possible coverage at the best rates. Call us today for more information.

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