Motorcycle Insurance

If you ride a motorcycle in Indiana, motorcycle insurance is essential. Not only can this type of insurance protect your expensive investment, but it is also required by Indiana law. If you don't carry a sufficient amount of liability insurance in this state, you may be subject to legal penalties.

Motorcycle insurance is not the same as car insurance, and car insurance policies will not typically cover claims related to a motorcycle. If you own both a car and a motorcycle, you will need a separate policies for each vehicle.

Indiana Motorcycle Insurance Basics

Like car insurance, motorcycle insurance policies may include liability, collision and/or comprehensive coverage. Liability insurance covers any injuries or damage you cause to others while riding your motorcycle, while collision insurance covers injuries and damage you sustain during collisions you cause. Comprehensive insurance also covers claims related to theft, inclement weather and other problems not related to collisions. Premiums vary based on the level of coverage you choose, the number of motorcycles insured, your driving history and other factors.

Shopping for Insurance

Different providers may charge different premiums for the same motorcycle insurance coverage. Thus, when shopping for motorcycle insurance, it's important to compare quotes from multiple providers in order to find the best deal. One of the best ways to compare policies is to work with an independent insurance agency like Weathervane Insurance Solutions.

Here at Weathervane Insurance Solutions, we can access quotes from a number of different providers to find you the lowest possible price. In addition, because we are an independent agency, we are always accessible to explain various policies and answer any questions you may have about your coverage. Contact our office today to learn more about our services.

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