Life Insurance

While many people think that life insurance is only for middle aged and elderly people, that's wrong. Anyone who has a dependent child, grandchild or adult child with disabilities needs to have a life insurance policy in place. When you pass away the money can be used to care for these dependents so that their guardians or other caregivers aren't put in a financial bind by the loss of your income.The general rule of thumb is that you should have a policy that equals at least ten times the amount of your annual income. So if you earn $60,000 a year, your policy's payout should be a minimum of $600,000. This ensures that your final expenses and burial are taken care of, and that your loved ones aren't stressed about finances. If you have higher than normal expenses, it's best to take out a larger policy, and if you already have some smaller policies through work or a professional organization, it's wise to take out another one so that together they add up to ten times your income.

Stay-at-home parents and grandparents also need to have policies, even though they don't have an earned income. If outside help has to be hired to replace all the tasks they do in a day, the cost would be quite high. You should aim to have at least a $250,000 policy for non-working adults.

Ensure that your loved ones are taken care of financially by getting a life insurance policy today. Our team at Weathervane Insurance Solutions is ready to answer all of your insurance related questions, help you choose which policy is best for your needs and find you a policy with affordable rates. Call us, or stop by our office, to talk to a friendly and experienced insurance professional today.

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